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Accelerate your AI Projects with a Data-Centric Approach to Machine Learning

Simplify all aspects of data for AI and Machine Learning with Triseed and Databricks partner collaboration.


Unlike other databases, Databricks Vector Search supports automatic data synchronization from source to index, eliminating complex and costly pipeline maintenance. It leverages the same security and data governance tools organizations have already built for peace of mind. With its serverless design, Databricks Vector Search easily scales to support billions of embeddings and thousands of real-time queries per second.

Feature Store

Provide data teams with the ability to create new features, explore and reuse existing ones, publish features to low-latency online stores, build training data sets, and retrieve feature values for batch inference.

Features ussed as reusable assets

Consistent features for training and serving

Secure features with built-in governance

Vector Search image

Elevating Search Capabilities

In various industries, the need for advanced search capabilities extends beyond traditional text-based queries. Companies seek to enhance user experiences and decision-making by implementing a powerful search mechanism for rich media content such as images, videos, or documents. Databricks Vector Search offers a solution to address these requirements. Implementing Databricks Vector Search offers great benefits such as advanced search capabilities, precision and relevance, scalability, and adaptability.

"Yes, we are the sole specialized Databricks
Consultancy in East Asia."

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