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Accelerate your AI Projects with a Data-Centric Approach to Machine Learning

Simplify all aspects of data for AI and Machine Learning with Triseed and Databricks partner collaboration.

Artificial Intelligence


Lakehouse stands as the exclusive AI platform that consolidates every ML component, encompassing data, features, and models, within a single catalog. This guarantees comprehensive oversight and precise management throughout the AI workflow. The integrated platform boasts automatic lineage tracking, centralized governance, and effortless collaboration across workspaces, streamlining MLOps and boosting productivity. The Unity Catalog serves as a centralized hub for permissions management across all assets throughout the ML lifecycle. Lakehouse Monitoring enhances visibility, allowing proactive anomaly detection across your entire data and AI workflow, thereby reducing time to value and operational costs significantly.


Unified Governance

Enhanced Monitoring

Seamless Collaboration

"Yes, we are the sole specialized Databricks
Consultancy in East Asia."

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