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Databricks: Elevating Data Intelligence to New Heights

At Triseed, we recognize the transformative power of data. In an era where information is king, harnessing the full potential of your data can drive innovation, enhance decision-making, and elevate your organization to new heights. Our strategic partnership with Databricks empowers us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that enable you to extract maximum value from your data assets with the help of artificial intelligence, or data intelligence.

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Understanding Databricks

Welcome to the era of Data Intelligence, where information is not just collected but transformed into a strategic asset. At Triseed, we champion the power of Databricks as the ultimate Data Intelligence Platform, revolutionizing the way organizations analyze, interpret, and leverage their data.

What is Data Intelligence?

Data Intelligence goes beyond traditional data processing. It's about turning raw data into actionable insights, enabling organizations to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and uncover hidden opportunities. Databricks catalyzes this transformation.

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Machine Learning Solutions

Unlock the potential of machine learning with Databricks. Our data scientists and engineers leverage advanced machine learning libraries and tools within the platform to build predictive models, automate processes, and drive intelligent decision-making.

Big Data Processing

Efficiently process vast amounts of data with Databricks' scalable Apache Spark-based clusters. We offer expertise in optimizing data processing workflows, ensuring quick and reliable data processing for your organization.

Data Visualization

Transform complex data into actionable insights with Databricks' built-in visualization tools. We create compelling visualizations that make it easy for stakeholders to understand and interpret data, facilitating more informed decision-making.

Data Exploration & Analysis

Databricks provides a unified platform that brings together data engineering, data science, and analytics  Our experts leverage the platform's capabilities to provide in-depth insights, uncover patterns, and extract meaningful information from your datasets.

Collaborative Coding Environment

Facilitate seamless collaboration among your data teams. Databricks' collaborative coding environment allows your data engineers, scientists, and analysts to work together efficiently, accelerating project timelines and fostering innovation.

Security & Compliance

Databricks prioritizes both security and collaboration. Our services include implementing robust security measures within Databricks, safeguarding your sensitive information, and ensuring adherence to industry regulations.

Triseed Partners with Databricks for AI Solutions.

Be at the forefront of innovation with Triseed, the pioneering Databricks partner in the Philippines, driving data-driven transformations.
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Transform Your Organization with Databricks

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Strategic Decision-Making

Databricks empowers organizations to make strategic decisions based on real-time insights, ensuring a competitive edge in today's dynamic business landscape.

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Innovation in Analytics

Leverage advanced analytics and machine learning to stay ahead of the curve, unlocking the full potential of your data for innovation.

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Operational Efficiency

Streamline your data workflows, enhance collaboration, and improve overall operational efficiency with Databricks as your Data Intelligence Platform.


The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform is constructed on a lakehouse architecture, seamlessly integrating the strengths of data lakes and data warehouses. This innovative approach facilitates cost reduction and accelerates the implementation of data and AI projects. Embracing open source and open standards, the platform simplifies the data landscape by eliminating historical silos, streamlining data and AI processes.


Databricks ensures that your data remains within your control, free from proprietary formats and closed ecosystems. The Lakehouse architecture relies on widely embraced open source projects such as Apache Spark™, Delta Lake, and MLflow. This framework is globally supported through the Databricks Partner Network. Additionally, Delta Sharing offers an open solution for securely sharing real-time data from your lakehouse to any computing platform without the need for replication or complex ETL processes.



A unified framework for integrating, storing, processing, governing, sharing, and conducting analytics and AI. A cohesive approach to handling both structured and unstructured data. A comprehensive perspective on data lineage and provenance. A single set of tools for Python and SQL, encompassing notebooks and IDEs, and supporting both batch and streaming processes across all major cloud providers.


The automatic optimization for performance and storage guarantees the most cost-effective data platform, achieving world-record-setting performance for data warehousing and AI applications, including advanced techniques like large language models (LLMs). Designed to cater to the needs of both startups and global enterprises, Databricks is equipped to handle the demands of your business efficiently at any scale.


Use Cases on Different Industries

"Yes, we are the sole specialized Databricks
Consultancy in East Asia."

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