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Tighten Your Defense: Triseeds Cybersecurity Awareness Training 

Unlock the power of knowledge to shield against digital threats. Join our Cybersecurity Awareness Training today and stay one step ahead of cyber risks.

CyberSecurity Awareness Training

Triseed's Cybersecurity Awareness Training program is a SaaS Platform - Managed Service Provider (MSP) it is a comprehensive training program tailored to prepare and educate rank and file employees for the challenges and responsibilities in safeguarding their organizations' valuable digital assets and data against all possible cyber threats in the ecosystem of the World Wide Web. Cybersecurity MSPs play a pivotal role in safeguarding sensitive digital data, mitigating risks, and ensuring the overall security of an organization both government and private institutions.

Module Objectives:

A. Understanding Cybersecurity

To familiarize employees with the basics of cybersecurity, its importance, and potential risks.

Recognizing Threats

To help employees identify common cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.


To provide knowledge and strategies for safeguarding sensitive government data.

Safe Online Behavior

To educate employees on safe online practices and responsible internet usage.

Incident Response

To train employees on how to respond in the event of a cybersecurity incident.

Module Content:

Introduction to Cybersecurity

  • The importance of cybersecurity in the government sector.

  • Key cybersecurity concepts and terminology.

Password Security

  • Outdated software and systems.

  • Weak passwords.

  • Unsecured wireless networks.

  • Sharing sensitive information online.

  • Unauthorized access.

Social Engineering Awareness
Social media safety.

  • Email security.

  • Web browsing best practices.

  • Avoiding public Wi-Fi risks.

  • Identifying suspicious websites and emails.

Incident Reporting

  • Reporting security incidents to the IT department.

  • Steps to take in the event of a data breach.

  • Government policies and procedures for handling security incidents.

Secure Communication

  • Secure Email Communication

  • Mobile Device Security

  • Encrypted messaging and secure email platforms.

  • Protecting sensitive phone calls and video conferences.

Security Tools and Resources

  • Secure Software Development

  • Introduction to security software (firewalls, antivirus, anti-malware).

  • Reporting security concerns and incidents.

Cyberthreats Landscape

  • Malware (viruses, ransomware, spyware).

  • Phishing and social engineering attacks.

  • Insider threats.

  • DDoS attacks.

  • Password attacks.

Data protection and privacy

  • Data classification and handling.

  • Encryption and secure communication.

  • Password best practices.

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA).

  • Secure file sharing and storage.

Phishing & Malware Awareness

  • How to recognize phishing emails.

  • Reporting suspicious emails.

  • Phishing case studies.

Secure Remote Work

  • Best practices for remote work security.

  • Using VPNs and secure connections.

  • Securing home Wi-Fi networks.

  • Network Security

  • Secure Browsing

  • Physical Security

Security Policies and Compliance

  • Government cybersecurity policies and regulations.

  •  The role of employees in maintaining compliance.

  • Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures

  • Security Updates and Patch Management

Triseed's Cybersecurity Awareness Training
Pricing Plan 

  • Classic

    Every month
    • Unlimited Training
    • Phishing Simulation
    • Dark Web Monitoring
    • Limited Support
    • Account Manager
    • Patch Management
    • Remote Monitoring Management
    • Help Desk Support
    • 24/7 Self-Service Support
    • Live Chat Support
    • Email Support
  • Standard

    Every month
    • Basic service, plus:
    • Automated Enrollment Unlimited
    • Automated Unlimited Phishing
    • Firewall Management
    • Microsoft Offfice 365
    • Anti Virus & Anti Malware
    • Spam Filtering
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Priority Support
  • Best Value


    Every month
    • Standard service, plus:
    • Policy Onboarding Automation
    • Policy Management
    • Compliance-Focused
    • Custom Spear Phishing
    • Mobility
    • Device Encryption
    • DNS Protection
    • Free Maintenance
    • 24/7 Support
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Up to 10 TB Storage


Computer Chip

Rapid Response

In the face of a cyber incident, time is of the essence. Triseed's experts respond swiftly to mitigate the impact, minimizing data loss and potential damages.

Get our Cybersecurity Awareness Training today for you and your team, and stay one step ahead of cyber risks.

Protect Your Future: The Urgent Need for Cybersecurity in These Top 5 Ransomware-Prone Industries in the Philippines

Financial Sector

The financial sector is the most targeted industry by ransomware in the Philippines. This is because financial institutions store a large amount of sensitive financial data, which is valuable to cybercriminals.

Government sector

The government sector is also a prime target for ransomware attacks. Government agencies control critical infrastructure and store a large amount of sensitive data, such as personal information and national security secrets.

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector is vulnerable to ransomware attacks because it stores a large amount of sensitive patient data, such as medical records and financial information.

Education Sector

The education sector is also a target for ransomware attacks. Educational institutions store a large amount of student data and intellectual property, which is valuable to cybercriminals.

Retail Sector

The retail sector is vulnerable to ransomware attacks because it processes a large volume of credit card transactions. Cybercriminals can use ransomware to encrypt credit card data and then demand a ransom payment in exchange for the decryption key.

Triseed Software recognizes the importance of CISA for your business!

Our company employs CISA-certified professionals to improve information systems security, enhance risk management, and compliance assurance, and increase trust and credibility in the eyes of clients, partners, and stakeholders. It reflects a commitment to maintaining high standards in information systems governance and control.


What is the importance of CISA? Certified Information Systems Auditor® (CISA®) is world-renowned as the standard of achievement for those who audit, control, monitor, and assess an organization’s IT and business systems. If you are a mid-career professional, CISA can showcase your expertise and assert your ability to apply a risk-based approach to planning, executing, and reporting on audit engagements.

CISA certification covers the following key domains;

Information Systems Auditing Process

Governance & management of IT

Information Systems Acquisition, Development & Implementation

Information Systems Operations & Business Resilience

Protection of Information Assets

Ways to build trust and confidence by recognizing CISA


Expertise in Information Systems Audit


Efficient IT Compliance and Governance


Continuous Professional Development


Industry Recognition


Trustworthiness and Integrity


Risk Management & Enhanced security measures

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