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Accelerate your AI Projects with a Data-Centric Approach to Machine Learning

Simplify all aspects of data for AI and Machine Learning with Triseed and Databricks partner collaboration.


Large language models (LLMs) excel in language-related tasks like translation, question answering, chat and content summarization, as well as generating content and code. They extract meaningful insights from extensive datasets, providing readily accessible "learning." Databricks facilitates seamless integration of these LLMs into your workflows and platform capabilities, allowing you to enhance, fine-tune, and pre-train your own LLMs with your data for improved domain-specific performance.

What We Can Help You With

  • Leverage LLMs for a variety of use cases

  • Use generative AI and large language models

  • Fine-tune LLMs using your data

  • Pre-train your own custom LLM

  • Built-in LLMOps (MLOps for LLMs)

  • Data and models on a unified platform

Large Language Model
databricks 1_edited.png

Training and Deploying Large Language Models with Databricks

Databricks serves as a comprehensive platform for addressing the challenges associated with training and deploying large language models, enabling organizations to harness the power of advanced natural language processing for enhanced customer experiences.

"Yes, we are the sole specialized Databricks
Consultancy in East Asia."

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