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Vision AI Use-Case Proof of Concept: Successful Client Implementation

Updated: Mar 4

One of Triseed’s prominent US clients asked the team to do a simple POC on its customer wait times for their will call counter using Vision AI.

Customer experience is very important, so the majority of US business focuses on service and efficiency. Customers respond positively when the experience is good and service is great. A continuous flow of foot traffic allows employees to serve more customers and opens opportunities for the business to analyze and re-allocate resources at certain times. With Triseed Vision AI, clients are able to quickly categorize untapped opportunities to further expand its services to the customers.

Objective: Triseed’s client is one of the largest distributors of Pipes, Fittings, Valves, HVAC, etc in the Midwest region. The client have a will call counter that serves customer walk-ins and is open 24/7 the entire year.

Goal: Determine a few things to see what Triseed can do to improve customer experience.

Challenges: Some of the US construction industries are not keen on using technology.. Most construction engineers and managers prefer human interaction since technology is not widely used. This is however changing with younger workforce and new technology introduced in the market.

Before Vision AI – Proposed ideas :

  1. Put a check in kiosk tablet.

  2. Check-in online

  3. Employee Checkin desk

A and B seems to be farfetched, adding processes + tech will be ignored by our client’s customer. C seems to be expensive and not an option.

Triseed’s Solution: Computer Vision Using Camera

Object Detection:

There are few algorithms that can be utilized to detect objects, we can update and augment based on business needs and requirements. For this project, current algorithm we used is as good and accurate.

Initial Video Analysis:

  • Customer behavior while waiting for their turn

  • Customer wait times, client’s SLAs as respect to actual response

  • Layout of the counter

  • Employees responses realtime, what training is needed per escalation and among others

  • Products on display and its relevance.

  • Upselling opportunity

  • Recommendations, notifications for adding employees to the counter as needed.


With information happening realtime, we are able to articulate additional questions to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Customer behavior inside will call? Are they buying or just walking around? Can we move some items to a specific location?

  • Can adding a self-serve kiosk help the customer?

  • Can we expand Vision AI inside the warehouse so customers can see how it can help employees?

  • Can we add computer vision and monitor equipment performance?

Triseed will continue and complete the setup of Vision AI to clients and excited to write more about this experience on our next blogs. Solving this requires technical knowhow of computer vision algorithms as well as data engineering expertise.

Applicable Industry of Vision AI:

  • Restaurant

  • Hotels

  • Hospital

  • Government building

  • Stores

  • Warehouse management

  • Warehouse Storage

  • Logistics

  • Airport

Please contact us if you want to learn more.


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